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Thursday, October 11th 2012, 1:59pm


By registering on board you accept the following board rules.
Every offense against the rules of the Forums (the now following general rules and of course the special rules for some subforums) may lead to a warning. The administration has the right to ban accounts on the forums, in extreme cases please note that ban can also be extended to game and IRC. The interpretation of the rules is up to the board team.
To contact the Board Team use our Support system. (Login, Contact Support, Choose: Board).
The whole forum is included in the Terms of Use of Battleknight. Therefore German Laws apply on the whole forum. It also means that the owners are not responsible for any posted pictures or links which are copyrighted.


  1. Every User may register and use one board account only.
    • In cases where two or more users are either usually, sometimes or on any occasion sharing an IP address, and have accounts on the board, board staff MUST be informed.
    • Sharing of account with another person is not allowed. Failure to do so may result in a permanent ban. Report any instances of IP sharing to the Board Admin or Super Boardmoderator.
  2. After receiving several warnings an account may be banned as listed:
  3. Ban Table
    Number of Warnings Ban
    3 warnings
    7 days
    6 warnings
    14 days
    9 warnings
    21 days
    12 warnings
    30 days
    15 warnings
    Perma Ban
    • An account may get banned permanently if the user receives again several warnings after the account was unlocked.
    • The circumventing of the ban by registering further board accounts is not allowed.


  1. The Board language is English, and English only.
  2. A published posts should be appropriate for all ages (including but not limited to the following):
    1. Posting contents and links of pornographic, political, immoral and offensive material which may breach applicable laws are forbidden.
      ~ It is also not allowed to post keys, hacks, cracks or other things of illegal nature, including illegal download pages and "warez". Discussion of such items will lead to an immediate warning.
  3. The Spam is not allowed on this board. This includes but not limited to the following:
    1. Posting of contents which do not belong to the topic/ relevant forum (Offtopic) are undesired and may lead to a warning.
    2. This includes postings which only point out breaches of the rules (Backseat Modding). This is up to the board team.
      ~ Please use the Report button at the bottom of the post to report any postings that break the board rules. [This function should only be used for the following reasons: Spam or other unsolicited advertisement, inappropriate content or other material of an offensive nature (ie: racism, vulgarity, aggressiveness, discrimination or sexism).]
    3. Scam and fraud is strictly forbidden.
      ~ Reported incidents will be dealt with accordingly. This rule applies for public and private messages as well.
    4. Spamming of emoticons and images is not allowed due to the fact that it may freeze users' computers.
      ~ Only 5 emoticons can be used per post.
      ~ Signatures can only contain 2 emoticons.
    5. Images may be attached or embedded within posts but they must not exceed the following sizes: 500x500px, and a file size of 150 KB each.
    6. Moderators may remove any pictures deemed to be oversized at any time. No more than 5 pictures may be placed inside any single post.
      ~ Since some information to be transmitted to users, the team members can go beyond the limitations of these images or text published in the signature of the dimensions.
  4. Flaming, Offenses against other users or staff and inappropriate language are punishable on the whole forum. The use of abbreviated vulgar language is forbidden. The use of *** or other censoring is not allowed in place of vulgar language.
  5. Advertising:
    1. Advertisement and linking to other browser games is not allowed on the whole forums, including the PC Forum. Links to games with the aim to count every visitor are not allowed.
      ~ Except for Gameforge Productions GmbH-owned and distributed games.
      ~ Bite links are only allowed in signatures on this board.
      ~ Applies to the signature (SIG) and also forum profile contents.
    2. Without prior written permission from Gameforge Productions GmbH advertising for profit on board is forbidden.
  6. It is not allowed to post for banned people. Only exception can be made for good-bye threads. The sharing of accounts with people who are banned from the board will also incur a ban for the account holder.
  7. It is not allowed to put conversations between User and Team Member in public - support system, private messages, IRC, messenger (MSN, ICQ, etc) - or ingame messages.
  8. Requests to unban ingame accounts are allowed to be discussed with GO who banned you ONLY via Support system.
  9. Access to trade accounts for real money or ingame currency across the board is strictly prohibited.

User Profile

  1. Signatures must conform to the Content Rules, should not affect the readability of the board, and any images within a signature must not exceed the following sizes: 452x150px, and a file size of 100 KB each.
    ~ Signatures may contain only 2 emoticons.
  2. Avatar images must comply with the content rules.
  3. Profile fields must comply with the content rules.


  1. The board team holds the right to censor threads. This will be marked in the relevant post.
  2. Reporting posts which do not break any of the points in the rules, “spamming” of the report tool, or any other form of misuse of the “Report” button is not allowed.
  3. Discussion of bans or warnings is not permitted in the public forums, this may result in further bans or warnings. Please discuss these issues with the moderator involved or their superior on the board only.

Final Notes

  • Registered users should follow Board Rules.
    ~ If you feel warned unfairly, first PM the Board Moderator who gave the warning. Then you may get in contact with the Super Boardmoderator. In extreme cases you have the right to talk to a Board Admin. The Board Admins’ word is final. Follow the hierarchy, or you may find you are ignored (include all previous communication).
  • If anyone on this board has been permanently banned and decision is final, after a 3 months ban period user may request a review from the Board Admin via Support system. If, however, the user got perma banned again and decision is final, the second review period is 6 months.
  • You may request your nick change once in every 6 months. Please use our Support system for your request.
    ~ State your current board nick, your email address (don't forget to add your board accounts' email address to your support account!). Then write your request. And please try to ask for a nick that is not already in use in any way.
  • In extreme cases it is possible that a User gets banned without receiving several warnings.
  • These rules can be changed, edited and added to at any time. It is your responsibility to keep updated with them.

Signature size changed to 452x150px, 100Kb. on September 17. 2013. ~ Perculia